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  • Tips for Installing Silent Check Valve
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 3

    Silent check valve is a kind of automatic valves whose disc can open or close automatically based on fluid media inside pipes flowing. The disc of valve rotates with the centerline of body. Under the pressure of media in one direction, the disc opens; when media flow reversely, the disc closes autom...,violet starr

  • Differences between Forging and Casting sextubevideo
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 17

    Forging is a kind of process that using metal forming machinery presses to metal billet, making it deform plastically to acquire mechanical properties, shape and size.    Forging is a common forming process widely utilized in machinery. Forging can eliminate cast loose and welding ho...,outdoorsex

  • Properties of Materials Used for Superhigh Pressure Valve
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 4

    Nowadays, superhigh pressure technique has already been used for petrochemical industry, chemical industry, metal forming, powder metallurgy and other industries. Due to superhigh pressure technique widely applied, the performances of superhigh pressure valve have directly influenced on security, re...,mommys porn

  • Reasons Cause Leakage of Metal Seal Butterfly Valve
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 10

    Low temperature devices are constantly developed in China. The demands for low temperature valves are also gradually growing. To meet the demands of market economy developing, the structure of metal seal butterfly valve is improved. A three eccentric pure metal seal butterfly valve having high perfo...,bigbobs xxx

  • Characteristics and Principles of Vent Butterfly Valve
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 34

    hottest sex,Characteristics of vent butterfly valve 1. The structure of vent butterfly valve is welded by center line disc and short steel plate, having compact structure, light weight, convenience for installation, small flow resistance, high flow capacity. It is not affected by high temperature expansion. 2....

  • Structural Features of Flat Gate sextubevideo
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 6

    big xxx tits,Flat gate valves have following structural features: 1. The sealing structure of seat is elastic and equipped with pre-tightening force. The sealing between seat and sealing face is always face-to-face sealing.  2. The seat has self-cleaning performance, and it cannot be washed out directly b...

  • Requirements for Assembling Technologies of sextubevideo
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 27

    mommys porn,sextubevideo are a kind of hardware products in common use. There are definite requirements for valves before or during assembling. Otherwise, valves having been assembled cannot show their excellent properties.    Requirements for valves before assembling: 1. According processing requirement...

  • Repair after Core Falling off
    Posted: 09/23/2016 16:07:21 Hits: 11

    japanesenude,For rising stem wedge gate valve, connection between stem and core loses efficacy which caused by corrosion, abrasion or improper operation during valve on-off, then, the core falls off. If the valve cannot be opened after being closed, the valve only can be cut out from the system and replaced. If ...